Updated on Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Are you concerned about frequent bird issues in your day-to-day life? Birds are common everywhere and play a significant role in maintaining ecosystems and also other things. However, they can be a nuisance sometimes due to their droppings and nesting on buildings especially balconies. It also damage balcony garden areas. Bird Droppings can pose health hazards.

anti bird nets

To overcome these issues, installing anti-bird nets is the best option. It is a safe, effective, and eco-friendly solution to prevent birds from entering or nesting on your property.

How Anti bird nets will solve your problem?

Anti-bird nets, which are made of HDPE Nylon Nets, are durable and long-lasting. They provide a safe and humane solution that won't harm birds while keeping them away from your property. These nets can protect your balcony from birds and also protect plants in balconies from damage caused by birds.

Where can you use anti bird netting?

Bird control is a must in buildings to protect your property and provide peace of mind

1. Balconies

Bird control on balconies can be challenging. Installing Anti bird nets can be effective in preventing birds from entering or nesting on your balcony.

2. Windows

Bird control on windows can be important for preventing damage to buildings, reducing mess from bird droppings, and minimizing noise disturbances.

3. Duct Areas

Bird control in duct areas is important to prevent birds from entering and nesting in the ducts, which can cause damage and create health hazards.

Anti Bird Nets in chennai

Anti bird net installation and its benefits

Anti-Bird Netting has Several Advantages

  Economical as cost-effective
  UV Resistant and Highly Durable
  Low Maintenance
  Weather proof
  Harmless to birds
Anti Bird Net Installation

How to Buy Anti Bird Nets

You can buy anti bird nets in two methods.
1. Anti bird net online purchase
2. With us

1. Anti bird net online purchase

You can purchase anti-bird nets online after thoroughly researching the product, warranty, installation guide, etc. However, purchasing online can be time-consuming, and without proper knowledge, it can become challenging to install the net correctly.

Purchase with Us

We offer a free inspection, and based on your requirements, we will suggest the appropriate materials. Our experienced team will ensure proper installation. After installation, we provide a warranty letter as well.

How to Install Anti Bird Netting?

You can choose to install anti-bird nets on your own (DIY) or hire a professional installer like us.

  Step 1: Measure the area where the net will be installed
  Step 2: Choose the appropriate material for the net
  Step 3: Choose the appropriate material for the net
  Step 4: Set up support structures to hold the net in place
  Step 5: Install the net, making sure it is securely tightened.
  Step 6: Trim any extra or unwanted netting
  Step 7: Inspect the installation to ensure it is secure and effective
  Step 8: Perform regular maintenance to keep the net in good condition

Deepthi Safety Nets is a leading supplier of high-quality anti-bird nets in Chennai. We provide anti-bird net installation services throughout Chennai at the best price. We offer an assured warranty and 100% quality assurance, along with 24/7 service support after installation.

Anti Bird Nets Chennai
Anti Bird Nets Installation


What is the price of anti-bird net in Chennai?

The pricing for anti-bird nets in Chennai with Deepthi Safety Nets typically starts from Rs. 5 per square feet, but this can vary based on the size of the area and specific project requirements. Deepthi Safety Nets is known for offering quality bird control solutions, ensuring durability and effectiveness in keeping birds away. For accurate pricing tailored to your needs, it is recommended to directly contact Deepthi Safety Nets in Chennai. Their team can provide detailed information, assess your specific requirements, and offer a customized quote for the installation of anti-bird nets.