Updated on Monday, January 29, 2024

Are you dealing with bird-related issues on your property? While birds are beautiful, they can also cause some problems. Birds, especially crows and pigeons, often make their homes in various parts of our buildings, including balconies, windows, duct areas, and terraces. It damages fruits, crops, and other agricultural areas, fish ponds, aquaculture etc.Issues like droppings, health hazards, and the need for daily cleaning also aris.

anti bird nets

To overcome these issues, installing anti-bird nets for your property is the right solution. It is the cost effective bird control. At Deepthi Safety Nets, we use high-quality materials to ensure the nets are long-lasting

What is Anti Bird Net?

Anti-bird netting is used to keep birds away from spaces such as buildings, gardens, and industries. It's made from durable materials like HDPE Nylon Nets and is available in various mesh sizes. It's an effective method for bird control that doesn't harm the birds.

Where can you use anti bird netting?

Bird control is essential for the following reasons in different environments:

1. Agriculture

Bird control in agriculture is essential to protect crops from bird damages. Birds can eat or damage fruits, vegetables, and grains etc.

2. Urban Areas

Bird control is necessary to maintain hygiene, and aesthetics. Birds can messes with their droppings, damage buildings, and pose health hazards due to diseases carried by bird droppings.

3. Industrial Sites

Industrial areas, including airports and manufacturing facilities, require bird control to ensure safety and prevent costly disruptions.

Anti Bird Nets in chennai

Anti Bird Net Benefits

Anti-Bird Netting has Several Advantages





  Low Maintenance

  Environment Friendly

  Aesthetic Appeal

Anti Bird Net Installation

How to Purchase Anti Bird Nets

Online Purchase

You can buy anti bird nets online after conducting thorough research to ensure you get a quality product. However, keep in mind that warranty claims and professional installation may be challenging when purchasing online.

Buy With Us

Call us at 9000255232 for the best offer. Our team will assit you for this. We are providing complete installation solution with warranty letter

How to Install Anti Bird Netting?

Installing anti-bird netting requires careful planning and proper installation to effectively deter birds without causing harm to them

  Step 1: Measure the area

  Step 2: Choose the right material

  Step 3: Prepare the Area

  Step 4: Install Anchors or Hooks

  Step 5: Attach the Netting

  Step 6: Secure the Netting

  Step 7: Trim Excess Netting

  Step 8: Inspect and Maintain

At Deepthi Safety Nets Chennai, we prioritize comprehensive bird control solutions to ensure your property remains clean and protected from birds. Our Bird Protection Nets are designed to provide an effective barrier against nuisance birds, preventing them from entering your space and causing inconvenience.

Anti Bird Nets Chennai
Anti Bird Nets Installation

Do's and don'ts for using
Anti-Bird Netting

Choose the right Material Don't leave gaps or holes
Install net properly Don't forget to check local regulations
Maintain the netting regularly
Consider Professional Installation

Why Choose Our Bird Protection Nets

  Reliable Bird Control

Our nets offer reliable protection against a wide range of bird species.

  Customized Fit

We will customize the fixing for your specific requirements and space dimensions.

  Professional Installation

Expert installation services by our skilled team.

  Bird Solutions

High-quality materials for protection.

What is the price of anti bird net in Chennai?

At Deepthi Safety Nets in Chennai, the cost of Anti-Bird Netting is Rs. 7 per square feet. This specialized netting serves as an effective solution to protect your premises from bird intrusion, offering a reliable and affordable option to maintain a bird-free environment. The pricing structure ensures that customers can access high-quality bird netting at a reasonable rate, making it a practical choice for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces in Chennai and its surrounding areas. The anti-bird nets provided by Deepthi Safety Nets are designed to be durable, efficient, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer, offering an excellent value for the specified price.

How effective are anti-bird nets in preventing bird-related issues?

Anti-bird nets are highly effective in creating a physical barrier that prevents birds from entering and nesting in specific areas, reducing issues such as droppings and property damage.

Are anti-bird nets durable in different weather conditions?

Yes, Our anti-bird nets are typically made from durable materials that are resistant to UV rays and adverse weather conditions, ensuring longevity.