Updated on Saturday, January 20, 2024

Are pigeons leaving droppings on your windows? Pigeons are commonly sit on windows to nest or search for food items. And then spoiling the windows with their droppings. To avoid this situation, pigeon net installation on your windows is the perfect solution.

Key Features of Pigeon Net Installation

Effective Solution : Keep pigeons away from landing on your windows.
Affordable : A cost-effective way to solve your pigeon issues.
Low Maintenance : Easy to care for and long-lasting.
Aesthetic : It won't impact the appearance of your building

How to Keep Pigeons Away from Windows?

1. Installing Pigeon Nets
2. Install Bird Spikes
3. Visual Deterrents
4. Fake Owl

Go for a Pigeon net instllation for windows

Pigeon net is the smartest option than others. Using durable material and exact mesh size, you can deter pigeons from spoiling your windows.

pigeon net installation for windows

Things to Consider Installing a Pigeon Net at Window

To install Pigeon nets on your windows, you have to check the following factors:
1. Size
2. Material
3. Color
4. Installation
5. Price
6. Warranty

A guide to how to install pigeon ent for windows in apartments

How to install Pigeon net for Windows
Step 1: Measure the area
Step 2: Choose the right material
Step 3: Prepare the area
Step 4: Install the net
Step 5: Tighten the net
Step 6: Trim Excess Netting
Step 7: Inspect and Maintain

Choose Deepthi Safety Nets for effective pigeon net installation on your windows. We are offer Pigeon nets and Dove Nets Installation to protect your home. Our team of well-experienced professionals, will install the pigeon net for the pigeon-proofing home. Once installed, we will provide a warranty letter for the pigeon net installation.

So don’t waste your time with the home remedies, you can call us for a perfect solution pigeon net for your windows

How effective are pigeon nets for windows in Chennai?

At Deepthi Safety Nets, we're here to help you keep pigeons away from your windows in Chennai. Our pigeon nets are like a strong shield that stops pigeons but still lets fresh air in. We want to make sure you don't have to worry about pigeon droppings or damage anymore. Our team is all about making things easy for you, from the secure installation to enjoying a clear view without any pigeons around. If you're in Chennai and need a simple solution to keep your home clean and bird-free, Deepthi Safety Nets is here for you!

What is pigeon netting?

Pigeon netting is a type of mesh net used to prevent pigeons from roosting on or around buildings, structures, or crops.

Why use pigeon netting?

Pigeon netting is an effective and humane way to prevent pigeons from causing damage to property, crops, and structures. It also helps to minimize health risks associated with pigeon droppings.

Is pigeon netting safe for the birds?

Yes, pigeon netting is designed to be a humane solution that prevents pigeons from roosting without harming them.

Where can pigeon netting be installed?

Pigeon netting can be installed in various locations including rooftops, ledges, balconies, warehouses, farms, gardens, and more.