Updated on Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Pigeon Net - FAQs

Which net is good for pigeon?

For pigeons, a specific type of net called a 'pigeon net' or 'bird netting' is commonly used. These nets are designed to prevent pigeons and other birds from accessing certain areas, such as balconies, windows, or outdoor spaces. Pigeon nets are typically made of durable and weather-resistant materials, with common options including HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) or nylon. These materials ensure effectiveness over time, providing a reliable solution for bird control.

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Bird Netting Suppliers in Chennai?

To find bird netting suppliers, you can explore various options. Here are some ways to locate bird netting suppliers:
Online Search Engines: When using Google to search for bird netting suppliers, use 'bird netting supplier,' 'bird control netting,' or 'bird netting manufacturer.' This will help you find a list of service providers along with their contact details, allowing you to reach out to them for your specific requirements.

How do you keep pigeons away permanently?

To keep pigeons away permanently, here are some effective methods:
Bird Spikes: Install bird spikes on ledges, window sills, and other flat surfaces where pigeons may roost. Spikes make these areas uncomfortable for pigeons, discouraging them from landing.
Bird Netting: Use bird netting to cover open spaces like balconies, windows and other areas. High-quality netting made of materials such as nylon or HDPE can create an effective barrier, preventing pigeons from accessing certain areas.
Repellents: There are various pigeon repellents available, including chemical repellents or natural options like reflective surfaces, predator decoys, or certain scents that pigeons find unpleasant.
Scare Tactics: Install devices that create noise or movement, such as ultrasonic devices or wind-driven devices. Pigeons can be scared away by sudden sounds or movements.

During rainy seasons in Chennai, my balcony gets quite wet. Will bird nets be affected by the rain?

Select a UV-stabilized and weather-resistant net material like nylon or HDPE. These materials dry quickly and won't degrade in the rain.

Safety Nets - FAQs

How should a safety net be installed?

The installation of a safety net typically involves simple steps to ensure its effectiveness and reliability:

Site Assessment

Net Selection

Anchor Points

Net Layout



Regular Inspections


What is the lifespan of a safety netting?

The lifespan of safety netting can vary based on several factors, including the type of netting, environmental conditions, and maintenance. Typically, our nets are designed to last between 3 to 7 years

Sports Nets - FAQs

How can I practice cricket nets in Chennai?

To practice cricket nets in Chennai, contact Deepthi Safety Nets. We provide professional-grade cricket nets that are suitable for all levels of players. Our expert team ensures seamless installation, transforming your space into a secure and enjoyable cricket practice area. Reach out to us at 9000255232 for personalized solutions tailored to your cricketing needs.

Why is net practice important in cricket?

Net practice is important in cricket because it helps players get better at their skills like batting, bowling, and fielding. It's like a safe space where they can practice and improve how they play the game. One crucial aspect is the ball stop, a net or barrier that catches the ball after it's hit or bowled, preventing it from going too far. This setup allows players to focus on their shots or deliveries without constantly retrieving the ball.

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Why are nets used in sports?

Nets are commonly used in sports for various reasons, depending on the type of sport. Here are some general reasons why nets are utilized in sports:
1. Containment and Safety
2. Goal Scoring
3. Ball Retrieval
4. Protection
5. Training and Practice
6. Boundary Marking
7. Bird Control
8. Recreation and Leisure
9. Privacy and Spectator Safety

Am in Nungambakkam, Chennai, and interested in installing a cricket practice net. Can you customize the size to fit our backyard space?

Certainly! We specialize in customizing cricket practice nets to fit different spaces, including backyards. Our installation team ensures a perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Cricket Practice Nets Set Up