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Are you facing lot of pigeon issues on your property in Chennai? Pigeons are causing many problems, in that the common pigeon problems are Mess and Droppings, Roosting, Nesting, Unpleasant Odor, Aesthetic Issues, Noise, Health Risks etc.

Bird droppings pose some challenges are the need for frequent cleaning, concerns about acidity on floors, and aesthetic deterioration.

pigeon net before and after

Pigeons can make problems in several areas around your Home, Apartment, Company and Industries in different parts of your buildings such as Balconies, Terraces, Roofs, Ledges, Windows Sills, AC Outdoor Units, Duct areas etc.

Installing pigeon nets, which are made of HDPE Nylon Nets, is an effective solution for addressing pigeon problems. These nets won't harm pigeons; instead, they keep away pigeons from entering your property. Additionally, pigeon net installations are low-cost compared to other solutions, require low maintenance, and can be installed relatively easily with professional installation.

How Nets will solve your problem

Nets are act as an additional layer to prevent pigeons from landing on your premises. There are several common types of nets used for Pigeon control are as follows:

Types of Nets

1. HPDE Nylon Nets

Cost Effective Solution.

2. Iron Grill

Permanent Solution but cost expensive

3. Iron Mesh

Iron mesh can be used to protect against both rats and birds but cost expensive

4. Invisible Grill Net

Permanent Solution but cost expensive

HDPE Nylon Nets are indeed a great solution as they are cost-effective, require low maintenance, and are durable and long-lasting.

Pigeon Net Installation and their Benefits

Pigeon nets - HDPE Nylon nets are effective solution. It act as Protection layer for your property.

Health and Hygiene

Health and Hygiene


Property Preservation


Peace and Quiet


Eco-Friendly Solution



How to Purchase Pigeon Nets

Online Purchase :

You can buy pigeon nets in online after conducting a thorough research and ensure to get a quality product. However, keep in mind that warranty claims and professional installation may be challenging when purchasing online without proper research.

Buy With Us :

We offer a complete pigeon net installation solution across Chennai, Tamil Nadu, including high-quality nets with warranty for peace of mind and our professionals are installing a pigeon net on your place to also they ensure the net is set up correctly and effectively.

pigeon net installation steps

How to do pigeon net Installation?

pigeon net installation steps

Installing pigeon net, you will need the following materials

Pigeon Net
Anchor Points (such as Screws, Hooks, or Bolts)
Measuring Tape
Wire Cutter
Cable Ties

1. Site Assessment :
Our team do thorough assessment of your balcony for Measuring Size with Area.
2. Support Checking :
Interior & Exterior Support Checking for installing the net.
3. Marking for the holes
4. Check how to install with obstructions :
If any obstruction around, kindly check how to install with that.
5. Fixing Border Rope
6. Place the Net Help Hooks
7. Tie Knots
8. Cut the extended and unwanted nets after installing the net
9. Quality Check
10. Customer Satisfaction

Net Installation

Balcony Bird Net

Do's and Don'ts of Pigeon Net Installation at your Home

Choose the Right Professionals Do it yourself (DIY) Installation
Customize your solution Neglect Maintenance
Safety Norms Leaving Gaps
Warranty Block Ventilation

Why Choose Deepthi Enterprises

Choose our company for a worry-free pigeon net solution! We use high quality materials for the pigeon net installation. Our expert team will take care of installation, ensuring everything is set up perfectly. Say goodbye to pigeons and hello to peace of mind!

Pigeon Nets Chennai

If you search on Google for pigeon net installation you will find us. We can assist you in making your property pigeon-free.

Our net installation team is conveniently available in all locations in and around Chennai. While we are based in Choolaimedu, Chennai we provide services throughout the city and all areas in Chennai.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and Free Inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of pigeon net in Chennai ?

The cost of pigeon netting (1.5 mm thickness and 50 mm gap) in Chennai typically ranges from around ₹20 to ₹30 per square foot for the net material itself.

What is a pigeon net called?

A pigeon net, also known as bird netting or anti-bird netting, is a mesh-like barrier made of materials such as nylon or polyethylene. It is used to deter pigeons and other birds from entering or roosting in specific areas. Pigeon nets are designed with small openings to prevent birds from accessing spaces like balconies, terraces, and windows. They serve multiple purposes, including protecting property from damage, maintaining hygiene by preventing bird droppings, enhancing safety by reducing slippery surfaces, and promoting humane bird control practices. Pigeon nets are an effective and environmentally friendly solution for bird-related issues in residential and commercial settings.

How do I keep pigeons off my balcony?

To keep pigeons off your balcony:

Install Pigeon Netting :
Use nylon or polyethylene pigeon netting with small mesh openings to create a barrier that prevents pigeons from accessing the balcony.

Bird Spikes :
Install bird spikes on ledges, railings, or other perching spots to make it uncomfortable for pigeons to land.

Visual Deterrents :
Hang reflective objects, like CDs or shiny tape, to scare pigeons away.

Ultrasonic Devices :
Consider ultrasonic bird repellent devices that emit sounds pigeons find unpleasant.

Regular Cleaning :
Keep the balcony clean to remove food scraps and nesting materials that attract pigeons.

Professional Help :
Consult a pest control expert for more extensive pigeon control measures.

What is the cost of Pigeon net per square feet?

The cost of pigeon netting ranges from around ₹20 to ₹30 per square foot for the net material itself

Why should I use a pigeon safety net?

Pigeons can be a nuisance for a number of reasons. They can leave droppings and feathers that can be unsightly. So installing pigeon safety net is the best solution to protect your property from pigeons

Can pigeon nets be installed in my apartment in Kodambakkam, Chennai, even if I already have an iron grill on my balcony?

We can work with your existing grills to install pigeon nets. Our team will visit your place in Kodambakkam, Chennai, assess the structure, and customize the installation to provide effective bird protection without compromising the integrity of the existing grill. We utilize modern techniques to ensure a perfect installation of the bird nets over the existing grill during our visit to your location.

Why choose Deepthi Safety Nets for custom balcony pigeon netting?

Living in a bustling city like Chennai can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding a peaceful outdoor space. Many apartments in Chennai have balconies ideal for enjoying fresh air and city views, but pigeons often make them messy. Pigeon droppings can be unsightly and unhygienic, but there's an easy solution: balcony pigeon nets. Contact Deepthi Safety Nets Chennai for a custom-fit pigeon net for your balcony. This Pigeon netting is humane and effective, keeping your balcony clean without harming the birds. Enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about unwanted guests.

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